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Members of a female savings and loan group, supported by GROOTS Kenya

Does data = power? Share your thoughts on gender equality to find out.

As gender equality advocates, how do we transform data into power? You only have until 20 May to complete Equal Measures 2030’s Global Advocates Survey 2018 to help us answer this question!

Why take the survey?

Equal Measures 2030 envisions a world where gender equality is achieved, and every girl and woman counts and is counted. We believe that the right data in the right hands will help reveal how differently women and girls experience the world and what needs to change.

Our Global Advocates Survey will find out from hundreds of gender advocates about their views on progress towards gender equality, how they feel about current data sources and what issues to prioritise in our push for better and more accessible data in order to better meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for women and girls.

When advocates and decision makers have the compelling evidence they need, they can better work to ensure girls’ and women’s rights become, and remain, a priority on the policy agenda and in efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Does my insight and opinion matter and what will it lead to?

Our Global Advocates Survey will discover how data on women and girls are being used in different countries and regions, what gender advocates need from their data to push for rights, and how advocates need to be better supported to give power to their data.

Armed with this understanding, together we will work to better ensure that women and girls count and are counted. We are asking gender advocates to bring their voice to the table by participating in our survey — giving us the vital information we need to push for and meet their data needs.

Women are finding it harder to join in global conversations in a time of security agendas, reduced budgets and tougher travel laws. Sharing your needs in our survey will help us make sure the views of gender advocates globally are seen and heard.

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Members of Equal Measures 2030 with gender equality advocates in Colombia

Why does Equal Measures 2030 want to hear from gender equality advocates?

Equal Measures 2030 works with influencers across civil society, the private sector, the media, multilateral institutions, and beyond to help create a “race to the top” for national governments to achieve gender equality in line with the SDGs.

Combined with compelling storytelling, a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data can serve as tools to help drive policymakers to recognize issues that have previously been ignored or under-prioritized.

And where political will is lacking, a gender equality movement that engages the public with powerful stories and data — driven by the collective voice of our partners — can help build momentum to move an issue to the top of the policy agenda.

Equal Measures 2030 and its partners will use the findings from the survey to better respond to the needs of gender equality advocates from across the globe. The results of the survey will be compiled, analysed and shared in September 2018, and can be used to infirm the work of other movements for data, SDGs, and gender equality.

Spread the word: Our survey is open to anyone who fights for gender equality in any corner of the world, from any wifi connection, who can access written English, French, Spanish, Bahasa/Indonesian, and Hindi.

Please help us ensure that we hear the voices of gender equality advocates everywhere!

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