Equal Measures 2030 and national coalition, Achieve SDG5, launch data-driven advocacy work in Tanzania

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Sauti Ya Wanawake Ukerewe, an Achieve SDG5 coalition member, is working to strengthen the socio-economic resilience of girls that have dropped out of school in the Mwanza region.

Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) is delighted to welcome Tanzania as its seventh focus country under the partnership’s broader data-driven influencing portfolio. Joining a range of partners from countries including El Salvador, Colombia, Senegal, Kenya, India and Indonesia, EM2030 is now working with a local women-led coalition in Tanzania to advance gender equality in the country.

To prompt progress on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG5 on gender equality, the government of Tanzania has engaged civil society organisations (CSOs) through national-level dialogues organised with and by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (responsible for the implementation of the SDGs in Tanzania). These national-level dialogues and events involving CSOs have focused on the importance of localizing the SDG implementation process.

To help ensure this momentum continues, and that gender equality issues remain top of the SDG implementation agenda, EM2030 has started supporting ‘Achieve SDG5’, a coalition of eight grassroots women’s groups, who are supporting and equipping girls and women in Tanzania with new skills, knowledge, data and evidence-based messaging to influence policymakers at all levels on issues related to gender equality.

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Sauti Ya Wanawake Ukerewe during their “We Can Campaign” event, aiming to end gender-based violence in Tanzania.

Empowering girls and women with data and evidence

The national advocacy action plan formed by the Achieve SDG5 coalition was designed in collaboration with grassroots girls and women to ensure that their unique needs and priorities remain an integral part of the SDG implementation process in Tanzania.

The project aims to connect girls and women who experience gender inequalities on a daily basis with policymakers that have the power to develop and implement policies. This personal link makes it more likely for gender-related policies to be inclusive of girls’ and women’s concerns and needs.

Next month, the Achieve SDG5 coalition will train some 400 girls and women on advocacy, leadership and communications in order to improve their involvement and interaction with policymakers.

The project in Tanzania is part of EM2030’s efforts to ensure that girls’ and women’s movements and gender advocates have easy-to-use data, evidence and skills to support their efforts to reach the SDGs.

EM2030’s Project Manager for Tanzania, Agar-Nana Mbianda, believes that “working together as a group is a powerful and stronger model for achieving social change. Grassroots women’s organisations need to be heard and valued.”

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Grassroots women in Tanzania are taking to the streets to advocate for gender equality.

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