SDG Gender Index presented at EU global symposium on indices

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Panel on gender indices

On November 4–8, Albert Motivans, EM2030’s Head of Data and Insights, presented the SDG Gender Index at the European Union’s Joint Research Center to over 100 academics, policy makers, data and policy analysts with a common interest in multidimensional indicator frameworks to inform policy making. The meeting reviewed state-of-art methods to develop and audit indices and scoreboards and practical experiences, both positive and negative, in improving how indices and scoreboards better inform policy and are communicated to the wider public.

Albert spoke on a panel presenting three gender indices, including the European Union and OECD. Other panels included speakers from MIT, Yale-NUS College, Stanford University, World Economic Forum, OECD, United Nations SDSN et al on indices addressing sustainable cities, energy transition, climate change, child well-being, African governance, gender equality and artificial intelligence.

The meeting was an opportunity to share political and technical challenges in building multi-dimensional frameworks, create new collaborations and stay up to date with the latest developments on composite indicators and tools for visualizing data.

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